About the speaker!

Baiju Muthukadan is a Python and Go developer working at Redhat, Bangalore. He has contributed to many Free/Open source softwares including Zope, Koha and Salt. He founded the Swathanthra Malayalam Computing project in 2001 while studying at REC, Calicut. He founded many language computing project which become a free software collective engaged in the development of various Free and Open Source Software’s. He received the first Kenneth Gonsalves award in recognition of his many contributions to Python language community in India. Baiju has varied experience in conducting Python and Golang workshops in various forums including PyCon India and GopherCon India. He is the main author of Selenium Python documentation. He is also writing a book about Go..



Participants should bring laptop with power adaptor, convertors and other peripherals (Hands On Workshop)

The laptop should have an operating system with Go support (GNU/Linux or Mac OS or Windows)

The GO compiler 1.7 should be installed

About Us

Prathidhwani is a socio-cultural organization of Technopark employees. This group was formed with a three dimensional vision to contribute to the cultural, technical and social aspects of our society. This is a non-profit voluntary organization.

We plan to organize various cultural programs to keep alive and promote the rich cultural heritage of our country among the tech society. Prathidhwani will conduct vivid events in Technopark to explore and enhance the cultural values and to provide an opportunity to the young talents among us to display their cultural aesthetics.

The technical group of Prathidhwani has the apparition to share knowledge to the society. We intend to conduct technical sessions and training programs for Technopark employees to help them keep pace with the technological advancements and their applications.

We have several colleagues in the Technopark who are willing to lend their helping hands for the needy. Prathidhwani works in close association with ‘Jyotis’, a registered charitable trust, for such noble charity initiatives.

Prathidhwani will serve as a forum for employees to interact, do value building on each others ideas and strengthen the spirit of knowledge. Prathidhwani will be a platform to bridge the tech community with art and culture and develop a keen sense of responsibility towards our society.

Prathidhwani welcomes all colleagues of Technopark to be a part of our journey..

Let's Get In Touch!

For more information or if you need any assistance, Please contact us

Bibin Vasudevan - 9446084359 ( Convener, Prathidhwani Technical Forum )

Vishal Vijayan - 9447778993 ( Joint Convener, Prathidhwani Technical Forum )

Rajeev Krishnan - 9446551193 ( Secretary, Prathidhwani )

Bijumon A - 9846568696 ( President, Prathidhwani )


Facebook : www.facebook.com/technoparkprathidhwani

Websites : www.prathidhwani.org