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Prathidhwani is a a non-profit voluntary organization working for the welfare of IT employees.
Prathidhwani Technical Forum was formed with a three dimensional vision to enrich the technical skill set of IT employees, trigger innovation among them and to make sure that right people are getting into the right job.

What is Our Goal?

For enriching the technical skill set of IT employees- We facilitates technical sessions, workshops, hackathons and meetups for IT employees to help them keep pace with the technological advancements. For triggering innovations - We intend to spread the spirit of Innovation and Entrepreneurship among the IT employees. We are mainly encouraging technology based entrepreneurship activities. we promote research and development activities to make sure that information technology play for the common man. For getting right jobs to the right people - We act as a floor-less employment exchange. We promote the resumes, jobs and recruitment among IT employees through our various portals. We act as a platform for job-seekers and employers.

Prathidhwani technicalforum has formed to redefine the rule of employee engagement by put forwarding a pro-employee alternative through "Adapt technology and Adhere Innovation". We invite you all to work with us to make better software community for everyone.

2018 November 28
01:45 PM - 06:00 PM

Travancore Hall


Led by: Sangeetha Elizabeth Panicker


Sangeetha Elizabeth Panicker

( Director, Sharp Skills)

Sangeetha has been involved in Training and Consulting for more than 22 years in India and Middle-East. She is a trainer for many reputed companies in Technopark, Infopark and across India. Sangeetha’s most popular training topics are, Effective Communication & Interpersonal Skills, Goal Setting and Confidence Building, Stress Management, Creative problem solving, Team Building, Work – Life balance, and English Communication & Business Writing. Sangeetha has acquired a Master’s in Business Administration from Symbiosis institute of Management Studies and the companies Sangeetha founded, Sharp Skills and OmegaCorp bear testimony to her indomitable ambitions to develop people and build their entrepreneurship spirit.

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Bibin Vasudevan

Convenor, Prathidhwani Technical Forum

Rajeev Krishnan

Secretary, Prathidhwani

Vineeth Chandran

President, Prathidhwani

Jam-packed session on

*Business Communication

*Client Interaction

*Cross-cultural Etiquette

*Assertive Skills

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Travancore Hall
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